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For all those who would rather carry around their reading matter in electronic form here’s a good bit of news.

The Snack Box Diet is now available on the Kindle.

This is of particular interest to international users as it means they can get The Snack Box Diet within minutes of placing the order. There’s now waiting and NO post and packing to pay for.

Mark has made the Measurement forms Рthat users need to fill in to monitor their progress Рand the wants and needs lists available  directly form this website.  That way users can download them and print them out as they are needed.

Anyone wanting to buy the kindle version from Amazon can use the link below

Snack Box Diet Members

Membership during the launch phase of The Snack Box Diet Members website will be free for the first month. Obviously, the discount will be discontinued very soon as member numbers increase.

There is after all a lot of content on the site but only members get access to it.

Mark Moxom has made it clear that he would rather limit numbers and give members quality than leave the flood gate open at the risk of standards dropping.