Scientific Reasons to Laugh More

Only_the_serious_know_how_to_truly_laughEveryone enjoys a good laugh. But, did you know that it is actually good for you? A little laughter on a regular basis can go a long way towards improving your life. Here are 4 scientifically backed reasons to lighten up and squeeze out a few giggles more often.      

Boost emotional health. Laughter releases the feel-good hormones dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These little guys work to improve your moods, enhance your experiences, and even reduce stress and pain.

Appear more attractive. Catching someone’s eye may be as simple as offering their jokes a light chuckle. That’s right, laughing can actually make you more attractive to others. According to research, women tend to prefer a man with a sense of humor, while men prefer women who laugh at their wit.

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ginger-389906_640A recent study, funded in part by the National Psoriasis Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, discovered that a natural molecule known as methoxyluteolin can block a type of immune cell called mast cells from launching an inflammatory response.

Mast cells are the “universal alarm cell” that starts the inflammatory cascade leading to psoriasis, according to Dr. Theoharis Theoharides, a researcher at Tufts University a co-author of the upcoming Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology study.

They can be triggered by infection, allergens, environmental factors like pollution, or even emotional stress. Once that happens, Theoharides explained, mast cells set into motion a series of inflammatory reactions, including the activation of immune cells and the release of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), a pro-inflammatory protein, or cytokine, involved in psoriatic disease.

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Get the Best Beauty Sleep Ever

sleep-embed1We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Not only do you have more energy when you wake up, but sleeping well can have such a beneficial impact on your beauty — after all, they do call it beauty sleep. But sleeping well doesn’t just mean clock in the hours (although, that’s important too!).

The folks at Health Perch have put together a little infographic that shows not only how many hours you should sleep to keep your skin looking amazing, but also how you should sleep and what time you should go to bed. It’s actually pretty interesting considering we don’t usually take our sleeping position into much consideration, but clearly we should.

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Natural Skin Care Ingredients You Should Be Using

???????????????There has been an enormous growth in sophisticated, plant-based skin care products and a virtual movement by indie skin care formulators that are making magic with nature’s assets, leaving behind cheap lab-produced shortcuts and opting for the realthing. When distilled, pressed and extracted for their essence, these ingredients make powerful friends with your skin.

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Peanut Oil for Healthy Hair

Hair Photo by Petr Kratochvil

Whenever I am making mayonnaise, I prefer to use peanut oil as that always gives the best taste.  However, I recently came across another use for peanut oil, that being effective anti-dandruff treatment!!

A number of clinical tests have shown that traditional peanut oil mixed with lemon juice is a remedy far more effective dandruff treatment than any of the specially formulated shampoos.

How You Use It

Step 1: Rub a small quantity of the peanut oil into your scalp and then leave it resting for two minutes.  (It can help if you warm the peanut oil slightly).

Step 2: Rub in the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon, and then wait again for about another five or six minutes.

Step 3: Shampoo your hair thoroughly with a natural shampoo.

You will need to repeat this treatment each week in order for it to have a lasting effect.

Source material:  New York State University Dermatological Department.