Any change of diet – particularly one that involves as drastic move away from high levels of carbohydrates as The Snack Box Diet one does, are bound to cause some sort of resistance from the body as it gets used to it’s new regime.

For many people, the fact that they are no longer eating vast quantities of pap and mush means that their digestive system actually has less to do.  It’s no wonder then that it slows down and so going to the toilet becomes less frequent.

In real terms, the slowing down happens a little behind the  reduction in food eaten, so for a time it can seem that you’re not going to the toilet as you think you should.  At the same time the digestive system – used to having to work overtime – can for the first few days ‘over process’ the food that you’ve eaten.

This means that not only is the quantity of poop reduced but that which eventually does come out the other end is drier and harder than what may be normal for you.

This is not true constipation – it’s more the body retuning to another way of working.

That said, whilst constipation is rare when following a diet like this properly, it’s not unknown, so worthy of further gentle help.

One of the first things to do is to make sure you are drinking enough fluids as dehydration and constipation are firm friends.

Also, make sure you are eating a reasonable amount of fibre. That’s obvious but sometime we forget.[/private_silver]

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