vegetable-basket-349667_640The following compilation describes a long list of the most valuable foods on the planet, which were sought by kings of ancient civilizations. Olive oil was used to anoint kings; chia seeds were used as an energy source by Aztec warriors, and only the emperors of ancient China’s Ming Dynasty were allowed to eat of the “forbidden rice” (black rice). The Romans fed their gladiators barley. And the “New World” discovery of America by Europeans was nothing more than an attempt to find a new path to the spices of India. Little did Columbus and his crews know that the Native Americans already figured out natural remedies long, long before that. These ancient cultures traded too.

Question: Do you really “eat healthy” or do you just think that you do? How much do you really know about what the ancient kings knew back then, that you could be making your very own staple diet?

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