sugar-485057_640The best kind of sugar for the body is either contained in fruits as pectin or organic honey and organic maple syrup. Pectin is the natural fiber found primarily in citrus fruits and apples, and it binds to cholesterol, helping flush it from the blood. You could lower your bad cholesterol by as much as 10 percent in just six weeks by simply eating organic apples. On the other hand, the worst kind of sugar is that which is refined, processed and comes from genetically modified corn. This sugar is unusable by the body and can cause cancer and diabetes, among other major health detriment.

Yet, even worse than GMO high-fructose corn syrup (bug killer) and refined, bleached white, processed sugar are artificial sweeteners, which are synthetic (lab-made), toxic and cause cancer in animals. Most humans cannot digest artificial sweeteners, and thus the digestive tract becomes confused and irritated, as do the organs, the heart and the brain. The central nervous system of humans is also not formulated to process the overload of toxins that most people pour into their bodies on a regular basis, especially when it comes tofake food that tastes sweet. It’s sweet misery, and nobody wants to suffer the consequences.

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